What’s all this talk about zero-turn lawn mowers?

Americans love their lawns. But cutting them, however, not so much. Most Americans take pride in their lawns but are often too busy or too lazy to take time and trim the grass. They would rather move on to the next task or do something fun. Corporations got wind of this habit and decided to make a profit out of it by designing the zero-turn lawn mower. Lawn trimming has never been the same since.

What’s all this talk about zero-turn lawn mowers?

The zero-turn phenomenon
The problem with regular lawn mowers is they leave a patch of uncut grass whenever make a U-turn. As anyone who has trimmed a lawn knows, this is both annoying and a hassle. http://zeroturnmowersreviews.com/

Zero-turn mowers are direct descendants of the commercial cutting machines introduced some years ago. One look at the mower and you’ll know these machines are something special. Zero-turn mowers are designed to cut so closely to the ground and around obstacles, so you only need to go over an area once. But the main feature of this contraption—and for which it was named after—is its ability to pivot a full 180 degrees without moving from its location. No more uncut grass near the edges of the lawn where your mower had to make turns.

The problem with zero-turn mowers is that they aren’t as versatile as lawn tractors. Most lawn tractors are designed to fit attachments: snow blowers, snow plows, garden tillers, etc. Zero-turn mowers move faster and trim grass more efficiently, but they are far from versatile.

A hefty price tag
Price is another factor to consider. Lawn mowers usually cost around $1000 to $3000, just about, which is inexpensive for a machine that does what it does and more. Zero-turn mowers take pride in its maneuverability being superior in every way. But with a price tag that ranges from $3000 to $5000, homeowners are going to have to make a choice: Do I really need it that much to justify its cost?

Think hard about this before you make the purchase.

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