Silver Jewelry Accessorizing

If you are at a loss for updating your wardrobe, consider adding some great pieces of silver jewelry. Nothing polishes up a look like necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and earrings. It’s these small extra items that really update any look.

Depending on what occasion you are dressing for, the right accessories can make or break the outfit. For elegant occasions such as weddings, precious gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, and rubies shine brilliantly in a silver setting. The right pendant or brooch really enhances the outfit for even the most lavish affairs. Think about the tiara used to crown pageant winners. Most often it is a silver setting bejeweled with diamonds or other rhinestones. You must get a jewelry armoire to keep your jewelry items safe and handy like an over the door jewelry armoire would be very handy.

When dressing in a traditional and laid back manner, such as donning jeans and a tank top, add some fun hoop earrings. You don’t have to always go with the round hoop either, try a fun geometrical shape like square or diamond. Toss in some chunky wrist bangles and you have instantly polished up the most casual of outfits. Want to make it even more dressy? Change into a fun platform shoe or kitten heel, clip in a sassy silver comb in your hair and you are ready for a fun night out!

There are other fast ways to change your look from night to day using accessories. For example, if you typically wear a skirt or trousers to work with a button up blouse, choose a muted piece like stud earrings and a watch on a thin band for the office hours. After work when it’s time to join friends for cocktails, switch out your earrings to a fun and snazzy dangling pair and add a chunky cuff bracelet or a few bangles. Open the first few buttons of your blouse to show off a fun necklace and voila! Instant makeover from day to night!

A pendant is a wonderful way to show off your personal style. Both men and women have long since used these pieces to accessorize and compliment their attire. Layering them in various lengths is a fun way to make an outfit snazzier. Selecting different widths as well can help change up your look. Adding in a charm or stringing other items on the chain also creates a unique look.

When choosing a gift for someone, nothing says fun and classy like a silver ring. Hoop or dangling earrings make a great gift for a sister, mother, or friend. Elegant brooches are a nice option for that special grandmother in your life. Men look great wearing chunky chain link bracelets, and the younger crowd like to wear the long chain necklaces with statement charms.

Certainly you can now see that silver jewelry is the perfect accessory for any occasion. Using it to change your look, express yourself, or even just update a classic outfit will set you apart from the crowd! It makes for a thoughtful gift that everyone is sure to love.

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