How to Polish a Black Car?

If you have ever tried painting a black car, you’ll know just what issues you will be facing. When you have your black painted, not only will you see every imperfection that it has. You will also find that your black car is quite hard to polish.

When you do, it is very likely that you’ll be spending twice as long as the time you spent painting it. Even after all the polishing you do, you’ll find there are still some areas you need to rebuff. With that being the case, you might be asking yourself right now exactly “how to polish a black car?”

In most cases, when you try to polish a black car it likely shows the car’s blemishes, streaks and other imperfections that were not visible before. This is because black cars need a special type of wax called black car wax in order to effectively polish your black car to perfection.

Pointers in Polishing a Black Car

So here are some pointers as to how to polish a black car:

First things first – find out what specific black paint your car has and then purchase a cleaner designed exactly for the type of black paint has.