OBD Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: What’s “On-Board Diagnostics (OBD)?”
    Answer: OBD is a kind of computer technology that’s included in 1996 plus newer gasoline automobiles. It monitors the vehicle’s emission control program along with other important engine components to make sure they’re working correctly. The OBD system detects issues that increase the fresh air pollution from the vehicle.
  2. Question: What was OBD I?
    Answer: On-Board Diagnostic I (OBD I) was California’s first OBD rules which required producers to monitor a few of the emission control components upon automobiles. Required commencing with the 1988 model year, OBD I systems weren’t completely effective because they had been limited by monitoring just a few of the emission-related parts, and the monitors weren’t calibrated to a particular level of emission performance. OBD II originated to handle these shortcomings and make the operational system better and user-friendly for support technicians.
  3. Question: What’s OBDII?
    Answer: On-Board Diagnostics (OBD II) is really a complex computer package installed on 1996-and-newer vehicles and light vehicles, and 1997-and-newer diesel powered vehicles. This sophisticated system serves as an advanced warning to alert vehicle auto and owners technicians of potentially high emissions. OBD II is being used by auto emissions testing facilities now.
  4. Question: Is an OBD test much better than a tailpipe check?
    Answer: The OBD (On Board Diagnostic) check is each faster and more efficient inside identifying polluting vehicles compared to the tailpipe test. It offers further information regarding what must be repaired when compared to a tailpipe check does. Additionally, it may quickly eliminate clean automobiles from needing further actions.
  5. Question: What will happen if my OBD automobile fails the emission check?
    Answer: In case your automobile fails the particular emission check, it will need to have repairs done before it could be retested. The test station staff will give you a list of Department of Ecology-authorized repair shops. All the stores with this list can diagnose and restoration issues shown simply by OBD techniques.
  6. Question: Can I change /tailor the OBD (ON-BOARD DIAGNOSTIC) II Protocol Collection once it’s been bought?Answer: When you choose the OBD II Protocol Stack you may be necessary to sign a contract stating you won’t that to any third party; however, it is possible to utilize it including all modifications in your Company products freely.

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